The National Taxi Association 

An association for all Taxi Drivers in Singapore.

It was formed on 26 June 2010 when the six company-based taxi operators’ associations namely

  • Comfort Taxi Operators’ Association (CTOA),

  • CityCab Operators’ Association (CCOA),

  • Premier Taxi Operators’ Association (PTOA),

  • SmartCab Operators’ Association (SCOA),

  • SMRT Taxi Operators’ Association (STOA) and

  • TransCab Operators’ Association (TCOA) came together.


NTA currently has more than 20,000 members.  NTA’s objectives are to be the collective voice for Taxi Drivers in Singapore to further their interests and enhance their social and economic well-being.




In Jun 26 2010, six company-based taxi operators' associations were brought together and the National Taxi Association was formed with 10, 300 members. Over the years, NTA pursues its mission as the leading advocate for taxi drivers as we strive to help them with work-related issues, improve their income and employability. Working together with government agencies and taxi operators, we also introduced targeted schemes aimed at strengthening the healthcare needs of this group of self-employed individuals. Our dedication and promise has convinced more than 19,000 cabbies in Singapore to join us as members. NTA is affiliated to the National Trades Union Congress and we welcome all taxi drivers in Singapore to join us.

2010 年6月26日,本地六家德士公司属下的德士师傅协会联合组成了全国德士师傅协会。从那天起,本会致力成为本地德士师傅权益的倡导机构,为他们解决工作上的 问题、提高收入和工作能力。我们也与政府机构和德士业者紧密配合,为他们量身制定不同计划与措施,以加强这群自雇人士的医疗保障。 我们的坚持与承诺说服了超过1万9000名本地德士师傅加入成为我们的会员。 本会同时隶属于全国职工总会。我们诚邀所有本地德士师傅成为我们的会员。


Exco List
Exco term 2020 to 2024


Raymond Ong Thiam Khoon


Simon Lee Tat Meng • Colin Neo Kay Choon

General Secretary:

Chua Loh Yong

Deputy General Secretary:

Harry Ng Kim Hock

First Assistant General Secretary:

Carol Sng Seok Hwa

Second Assistant General Secretary:

Tan Soon Huat

Executive Secretary:

Lulu Goh

General Treasurer:

Ken Tan Yeo Hua

First Assistant General Treasurer:

Ban Kum Cheong


Vincent Ann Wong Long

David Chan Siong Hwa

Chia Chwee

Consigliere Warren

Jimmy Goh Siew Hock

Kee Lian Seng

Lim Teck Beng Jonathan

Lim Teck Meng Ross

Ng Chun Beng

Noor Hairin Bin Misri

Ong Chin Chye

Melvin Tan Song Chor

V A Moorthy


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CTOA Branch

Temporarily closed at the moment

Contact Person

Ms Linda Lew

6550 8530

STOA Branch

60 Woodlands Industrial Park E4 S757705 (Level 2)

Monday – Friday

(12PM - 3PM)

TEL: 6743 7631


Contact Person

Mr Phoon Chee Kong

6213 8283

PTOA Branch

Temporarily closed at the moment

Contact Person

Mr Phoon Chee Kong

6213 8283

CCOA Branch

Temporarily closed at the moment

Contact Person

Ms Elise Ter

6550 8655

TCOA Branch
2 Ang Mo Kio Street 63 (S569111)

Monday & Thursday
11:30AM - 2:30PM)
Contact Person
Mr Phoon Chee Kong
6213 8283