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  • What is National Taxi Association?
    We are the Biggest Association for taxi drivers with 13,000 members. If you are a taxi driver, join us so that we can represent you and be your voice! What’s more, all you have to do is pay ONE membership fee but enjoy TWO benefits from NTA and NTUC. Taxi drivers join us for 3 main Benefits which are ONLY FOR MEMBERS.
  • What benefits do I get as a member?
    Rewards & rebates: LinkPoints – Collect LinkPoints when you shop at NTUC FairPrice (minimum of $20) or 1500 stores. You can redeem LinkPoints in store, by offsetting your purchases. FairPrice Rebates – Get Cash Back in LinkPoints. Rebate of around 3% for every dollar you spend at Fairprice. For example, if you spend $100, you get $3 back to your bank account. NTA Goodies and Events - free goodie bag and more discounts at our members’ roadshow. We also have sports activities like bowling, cycling and brisk walking for members. Insurance & grants: Hardship Grant - Members who meet the eligibility criteria of household income of less than $1,800 or $500 per capita income with minimum 6 months membership and in the event of death, serious chronic illness or fire/flood victim can apply for a one-off NTUC Hardship grant of $1,000. NTUC GIFT – up to $20,000 Insurance cover on death, permanent disability (below 65 years old). No additional premium. Insurance cover of $500 for the loss of your wife/ husband, with minimum 6 months membership. NTUC CARE FUND (e-Vouchers) - If your household income is less than $3,800 (with dependents), you can apply for e-vouchers and receive $100. In addition, for each school-going child in K1 to ITE/Poly/JC, you will receive an additional $100/child. Without dependents, gross personal income of $1650 and below, you get $50. Minimum 6 mths membership with no arrears. UTAP - You can enjoy 50% unfunded course fees, capped at $250 a year to attend training course. List of courses on e2i website: Protection: Appeal for summon – Should you need assistance to appeal for Parking and Traffic offence or have issues with your taxi operator, approach us at our branch office! Not all appeals will be successful, but we will try our best. Free legal advice - from volunteer lawyer on your personal matter. (at NTUC Centre once a month, Call 8444 6209 for registration)
  • How much is the membership fee?
    With all the goodies, rebates, grants, insurance and protection, members only pay $117 a year! 15,000 members believe it is worth it. That is $9 per month and only for December, membership fee will be $18, which is because our affiliation with the Singapore Labour Foundation.
  • How to sign up as a member?
    You may sign up online via OR approach your branch office stated under "Contact Us" If you are currently driving for Prime, Please contact us at 6213 8283 or email us at for more information.
  • I have a summon letter from LTA/TP/URA/HDB/Sentosa, can you help me to appeal?"
    Please approach your branch office.
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