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Working together with government agencies and taxi operators, we also introduced targeted schemes aimed at strengthening the healthcare needs of this group of self-employed individuals.


Ready to protect you and your family with *Group Insurance Coverage 

*T&Cs applies


1) Free eye screening (worth $55) to detect diseases at Yak Visioncare!
2) Free cancer screening for NTA members at Singapore Cancer Society Bishan clinic


Drop by our branch offices during operating hours to appeal for LTA/TP/URA fines and other issues

ONE Membership Fees,TWO Benefits
​付一个会员费, 享受两项优惠



NTUC Membership


CapitaLand – U Care Resilience & Enablement Fund

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  In partnership with CapitaLand Hope Foundation and a 1:4 matching support from unions/NTUC General Branch, CAP+Ure Fund targets to reach out to union members (with children), who are impacted by total and sudden (unexpected) loss of income. To provide one-time interim financial support for children’s educational and nutritional needs, each eligible child will receive $250 worth of FairPrice vouchers with $200 and $50 contributed by CapitaLand Hope Foundation and union/ association/ NTUC General Branch respectively. 

Members who require assistance in reskilling themselves in order to find alternative employment or upskilling themselves to upgrade their current job will be enrolled in the NTUC LIFT-UP Pathfinder, a programme supported by the President’s Challenge Empowering for Life Fund where members and their families will undergo customised training to level up their employability, skills and resilience. 


Application Form

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for Members of NTUC Affiliated Unions/Association 

 The U Care Hardship Grant is a one-off assistance for low-income union members in the event that the members suffer hardship arising from one of the following circumstances which is of a non-industrial nature: 

  1. (i) Death 

  2. (ii) Total and permanent incapacity* 

  3. (iii) Serious chronic medical condition * 

  4. (iv) Registered fire or flood victim 


* Pre-existing serious chronic medical condition diagnosed before the applicant became a Union Member will not be considered. 

Union member must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply for the grant: 

  • Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $1,800 and below; OR 


Per Capita Income of $500 and below if monthly gross household income exceeds $1,800 

  • Minimum of 6 months continuous membership at the point of application, no arrears. 


Application Form

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NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers)

for Members of NTUC Affiliated Unions/Association 

The NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) is an assistance programme which aims to assist our low-income union members to defray their cost of necessities and their children's school expenses for the new school year.

Opens from 17 October to 30 December 2022

Member’s date joined union must be at least 6 continuous months at the point of application and must not be in arrears.

For Members with Family Members Staying in Same Household in Singapore:
• Total Monthly Gross Household Income2 of $3,400 and below, OR
• Per Capita Income of $850 and below if Gross Household Income1 exceeds $3,400


For Members without Family Member Staying in Same Household in Singapore:
• Monthly Gross Personal Income of $1,500 and below

Read more:

Step by Step e-Vouchers Redemption Guide

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