U Stretch Voucher Programme 2013

1. As a caring Labour Movement, we aim to help our low-income union members in times of need through various assistance schemes. The U Stretch Voucher Programme is one of NTUC-U Care Fund’s core assistance programmes which provides relief to our low-income union members by helping to stretch their dollar on daily necessities.

2. This year, the Labour Movement has set aside $2.7 million to potentially help 30,000 low-income members to defray their cost of living.

3. Each successful applicant will receive $100 worth of discount vouchers, for members with dependents staying in the same household in Singapore or $50 worth of discount vouchers, for members without dependents staying in the same household in Singapore. The vouchers are redeemable at any of the four participating NTUC Social Enterprises; namely NTUC Eldercare, NTUC FairPrice, NTUC Foodfare and NTUC Unity Healthcare, and are valid till 31 Mar 2014. Please note that no extension will be granted after the voucher expiry date.

4. The U Stretch vouchers (in denominations of $2.50) provide a $2.50 discount off every $5 purchase at the participating NTUC Social Enterprises.

Application Period

5. Application for U Stretch vouchers opens on 1 July 2013 and closes on 31 July 2013.

Eligibility Criteria

6. The eligibility criteria are as follows:
a. For Members with Dependents in Same Household in Singapore:

Total Monthly Gross Household Income of $2,800 and below;

OR Per Capita Income of $725 and below if Gross Household Income exceeds $2,800
b. For Members with No Dependents staying in Singapore:

Monthly Gross Personal Income of $1,400 and below
c. Member must have a minimum of 6 months continuous paid-up union membership at the point of application and is not in arrears.

Supporting Documents

7. Union members must submit the following supporting documents when applying for U Stretch Vouchers.
a. If Member is Employed:

Photocopy of recent payslip (within last 3 months) inclusive of overtime and allowances. If pay includes irregular overtime/allowances, please provide last 3 months’ payslip to derive average monthly pay.
OR CPF Statement (Contribution History) for the past 3 months.

b. If Member is Unemployed or Self-Employed:
CPF Statement (Contribution History) for the past 3 months. If no CPF contribution, a written letter from CPF board is required.
OR Notice of Assessment from IRAS (Year of Assessment 2012).

Note: Applicant may be required to submit other supporting documents for verification and audit purposes.

Outcome of Application

9. Union members will be informed of the outcome of their application and the collection details of the vouchers by their respective unions (for OB members) or NTUC Membership Department (for GB members).

How to use the Voucher

10. Each U Stretch voucher provides a $2.50 discount off every $5 purchase. These vouchers are to be presented to the cashiers at the participating NTUC Social Enterprises when making payment. Please refer to table below for illustration.

Amount Spent

No. of Voucher(s) to Use


$0.01 to $4.99

Member cannot use the voucher as he/she will have to spend at least $5 to get $2.50 discount.

$5 to $9.99



$10 to $14.99



$15 to $19.99



$20 to $24.99



and so on…

Participating NTUC Social Enterprises

11. Union members can use the vouchers at the following participating NTUC Social Enterprises:

Participating NTUC Social Enterprises


Terms & Conditions

NTUC Eldercare

NTUC Eldercare Day Care Service at Dakota Crescent, Fengshan, Henderson, Jurong Central, Marsiling, Pasir Ris, Punggol South, Taman Jurong


NTUC FairPrice

NTUC FairPrice Supermarkets, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress, FairPrice Finest and Cheers outlets.

Cannot be used for purchase of alcoholic beverages or cigarettes.

NTUC Foodfare

NTUC Foodfare Food Courts, NTUC Foodfare Coffee Shops, selected Wang Cafes, Heavenly Wang and Rice Garden.

Cannot be used for purchase of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes

NTUC Unity Healthcare

NTUC Unity Pharmacies and NTUC Unity Denticare Clinics